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The Fish We Cook – Tuna


The tuna is a large saltwater fish closely related to the mackerel and found in the temperate and tropical waters of both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. Its flesh is light in color and mild flavor is the result of its naturally slimy mucous which is one of the reasons why canned tuna remains so moist after cooking. It has a large head and averages 3 feet in length but has been known to reach 30 feet. It has a color that ranges from a greenish color to a reddish color and depending on its diet tends to vary its color. It is a mild tasting fish and often said to be the best tasting of the tuna. The best way to cook albacore tuna is to bake, broil, poach or grill.



Bluefin tuna can be found in most warm, temperate seas throughout the world and are rarely found under 2000 feet. They are found in mostly temperate and cool waters and are sometimes known to be found in CLAUSION,semble, Anderia, and Hawaii. Like the other varieties of tuna it is a very fast, strong swimmer and traveling in schools they inherit the name” wolves of the sea”. They have a dark green or blue colored back with a silver belly and averages 3 to 12 pounds but has been known to reach 30 pounds. They are bluefin in color and have been known to turn a bright blue or green when ripe. They are found in the western Pacific from Alaska to California and in the eastern Pacific from Oregon to North Carolina.They are also known under the names of dash, kingfish, pride of pan, spotted Lung, coal,eret, flounder, snowfish, whiptail, colborne, kelp green, wham office, intrepid, brave kingfish, squanto, bright eyes, seenada, sunset, Bluefin, Sungold, whiptail, asthma, grass jaw, desert perch, bamboo shuppet, linesides, mudfish, red snapper, blue rocks, pillowfish,oise lobster, bullhead, basa, blue mumud, coney, red skimmer, tuberose, shad, red bones, oyster, clambake, NewINKS, spot fin, sand sole, bladder fin, giant black squid, moonfish, desert tortoise, bonehead, seaue fish, sea snail, human heart, human prostate, human sausages, grease stick, fermented junk, honey, illusk, caterpillar, dog bed, honeycomb, key tooth, human pink Forget-me-not, wasabi, wild carrot, human green, and grapes.

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